A collective of technical writers and content creators

Our mission is making hard concepts accessible for any audience.

Our clients

Frindle has worked with some of the best early to midstage companies in DevOps, Data Infra, MLOps, Fintech, and Web3.

What we can
help with

External facing documentation

We consume and edit your existing documentation, or create it from scratch.

Technical Blog Posts

We produce blog posts on topics that require technical know-how, from React to IOT to CI/CD.

How-To's and Tutorials

We build something with code, then write down the instructions in blog post form.

Explainer and Demo Videos

We create polished videos to teach people how to use your product.


We edit your protocol's whitepaper, to ensure coherence and readability.

Thought Pieces

We produce opinionated thought pieces or journalistic pieces on technical trends like multi-cloud, incident response, and no-code.