Frindle Flex


  • Part-time technical writer for SaaS and developer-facing products
  • 15 hrs/week
  • $2000/month

Ideal work:

  • keeping screenshots + gifs up-to-date
  • keeping OpenAPI documentation up-to-date
  • writing step-by-step tutorials
  • writing simple code samples and tutorials
  • updating documentation site with new feature work

What you can expect:

  • high level of English proficiency
  • computer science/technical degree
  • Knowledge of Git, Markdown (have passed interview)
  • General understanding of API’s
  • General understanding of JavaScript, GraphQL and how modern web apps/databases work
  • Fully integrated into your team’s Slack
  • Trained to use Frindle style guide
  • Trained to use Frindle toolchain (Grammarly, ChatGPT, linters, link-checkers, etc).

What to know:

  • these are remote international workers, expect them to be in a different timezone (IST), and for them to work mostly asynchronously
  • not suitable for general content writing/thought leadership writing (they are not necessarily domain experts in your area)
  • not suitable for video tutorials
  • not experts in SEO

How it works:

  • 2-week trial period
  • If you would like to convert after the 2-week trial period, you will be asked to sign a 6-month contract
  • We ask that you either provide the writer with a laptop or pay a one-time fee for us to procure one for them.

Sample Work